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April 6, 2020 General Banking

The Iconic – Our Knight

The Iconic – Our Knight

What does it mean to be iconic? Iconic often describes something or someone that is considered symbolic of something else, like spirituality or virtue. 

Saint Louis Bank’s Knight icon is deeply rooted and symbolic of St. Louis’ multifaceted history and heritage. The Knight is emblematic of what Saint Louis Bank stands for and strives to be. 

The Apotheosis – As most know, St. Louis is named after King Louis IX of France. The statue that sits atop Art Hill in Forest Park was modeled after King Louis IX. This statue, called The Apotheosis (meaning to stand at the highest point), was placed there in his honor as St. Louis’ patron saint and indicative of the type of city we aspire to be.

The connection…

The Knight – A review of our icon reveals the face of the Knight is fashioned with the same armor piece that is proudly displayed on the horse of that magnificent bronze sculpture. The strong jawline of the horse and its eye are seen in the negative space. The base of the icon is a replication of the base of a stone column that has historically been present at strong institutions, like banks. Representing forward momentum, the line shown in the negative space of the base that moves appears as if it’s moving from left to right.

But look closer…the negative space also reveals the raised sword that King Louis IX holds firmly atop his horse – the off-kilter guard protecting his hand is thoughtfully replicated within.

Why does King Louis IX hold the sword like that? You may have noticed The Apotheosis, King Louis IX holding his sword by the blade and not the handle, which would be typical. This gesture is symbolic of not only leadership but responsible leadership. Like The Apotheosis, the icon, in the negative space, displays the hilt of King Louis IX’s sword pointing down. Like King Louis IX, we too believe it is our responsibility not just lead, but to lead responsibly. To shoulder the responsibility of caring for our clients, team members, and the people of the St. Louis region is our ultimate goal.

Chess anyone? Our icon more obviously takes inspiration from the chess piece, the knight, the classic strategy game, also with a rich history in St. Louis. St. Louis is home to the World Chess Hall of Fame which moved to St. Louis in 2011. The Chess Hall of Fame was drawn to St. Louis because of its vibrancy and the success and growing international reputation of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.

The knight itself we consider unique amongst other chess pieces because it represents capabilities that no other piece possesses. While rooks, bishops, and queens can move as many spaces as are clear before them, the knight can move only a finite distance from its starting position, but unlike its counterparts, it can also jump obstacles in its path and move left or right into a new plane. In order to fully utilize this piece, a player must have a vision for an ultimate goal and an ability to think multiple steps ahead. Like the knight chess piece, we too believe that we must be thoughtful about the moves we make for our clients, team, and our region. We take our time and making moves that are thoughtful, deliberate, and that help move our clients, team, and region forward.

The Knight is iconic because it is symbolic of many great things about our region and the purpose behind our everyday actions at Saint Louis Bank. It is representative of the goals and aspirations of our founders, shareholders, teammates, and clients. At Saint Louis Bank, we stand steadfastly with our heads up and eyes open, looking for an opportunity to make the right moves and to lead responsibly helping our clients and our region succeed. We are strategic, we think beyond the obstacles before us, and we understand that we are all strengthened when the community and region work together to make the right moves. Strategy, commitment, and discipline are common foundational principles of our team and our Bank as we seek to better our region and build up our home.

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